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Seoul’s Floating Island – A New Venue for Elegant Events

Seoul’s Floating Island – A New Venue for Elegant Events

In April, the unique venue Floating Island opened to the public, expanding the number of meeting spaces available along Seoul’s Hangang (River). Located directly on the river itself, the new venue makes possible a wide range of events through its diverse facilities, all set against the picturesque backdrop of the city’s striking skyline.

The latest example of Seoul’s ongoing efforts to expand its business events infrastructure, Floating Island is also part of the city’s large-scale Han River Renaissance project, designed to revitalize Seoul’s waterways as well as create attractive parkland and multi-purpose facilities both on the river and along its banks.


In structure, Floating Island is made up of three islets anchored to the Hangang by a series of concrete blocks and joined together by a series of chains designed to provide flexibility when the water level shifts. The islets making up the 9,995m² complex are linked by a sequence of walkways and together resemble a giant flower when viewed from above.

Each islet offers different facilities, including a 762m²-convention hall, restaurants, a roof garden, yacht club, and an on-shore media gallery/stage, all of which allow for a wide range of events such as conferences, seminars, receptions, and more.

Seoul Hangang River Floating Island

Add to this stunning city views day or night and the multicolored splendor of the nearby Moonlight Rainbow Fountain during the warmer months (click here for this year’s operating schedule), and Floating Island becomes a truly unique and memorable venue for any function.

More information on Floating Island, as well as some of the city’s other water-based unique venues such as Seoul Marina Club & Yacht, Fradia, and the 700 Yacht Club, is available at via the Seoul Convention Bureau’s freely-downloadable Meeting Planners Guide and Seoul MICE Alliance brochure.

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