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Seoul MICE Alliance Members Meeting

Seoul MICE Alliance Members Meeting

Seoul MICE Alliance Members Meeting

100 MICE professionals of Seoul MICE Alliance attended


Seoul hosted the ‘Seoul MICE Alliance(SMA) Members Meeting’ on March 27th at the Seoul Donhwamun Traditional Theater. The meeting was organized to promote the improvement of industrial competitiveness and the strengthening of networks Newly enhanced Seoul MICE support program and special support programs were also introduced. Approximately 100 MICE professionals from SMA were in attendance.


The primary items on the meeting agenda included: △ 2018 Seoul MICE support program △ MICE Business plans for 2018 – conferences, international MICE exhibitions, SMA annual meeting, etc. △ A discussion of pending issues such as SMA’s rules of operation, the introduction of a paid membership system, etc. △ Plans to revitalize business for SMA member companies


Currently, the SMA member companies are comprised of 260 companies that are divided into five categories, such as facilities that work to attract MICE, unique venues, and professional conference organizers. Seoul MICE Alliance Members Meeting provided a chance for the SMA members to gather in one place and share information regarding industry trends and member activities.


After the conclusion of the information session, the participants enjoyed refreshments and strengthened their relationships with one another. They also attended sessions divided by category and shared a variety of opinions regarding their respective industries.


Seoul Donhwamun Traditional Theater – located across from Changdeokgung Palace’s Donhwamun Gate is a theater that specializes in acoustic Korean traditional music, and is also the Seoul Unique Venue, a member of the Seoul MICE Alliance.



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