Seoul MICE Webzine | Seoul MICE Gets Easier with ‘2018 PLUS SEOUL’
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Seoul MICE Gets Easier with ‘2018 PLUS SEOUL’

Seoul MICE Gets Easier with ‘2018 PLUS SEOUL’

Seoul MICE Gets Easier with ‘2018 PLUS SEOUL’

Creating more business opportunities with a package of combined benefits

from Seoul and Seoul MICE Alliance members!

The PLUS SEOUL Package has gone through a series of colorful upgrades. The PLUS SEOUL Package is a service that combines the MICE support that’s offered by the Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) and the benefits that are provided when utilizing Seoul MICE Alliance (SMA) member companies. The package offers a variety of benefits such as financial support, a comprehensive event bidding/organization support service, special 2018 experience courses, and discounts for utilizing SMA members. All of MICE Seoul’s benefits can be seen at once in the PLUS SEOUL Package. As it provides value not only to event organizers but also to participants, the package has been very well-received since its launch last year.


A total of 36 SMA members will be taking part in this year’s PLUS SEOUL Package. Accordingly, the benefits for organizers and participants have become more abundant. Each member will offer discounts to event organizers on venue rental costs, F&B costs, admission fees (for live performances, museums, etc.), and experience costs; for participants, a welcome drink, coupons, and a souvenir will be provided. Such groups are eligible to receive additional benefits in terms of accommodation costs, transportation services, and rental costs if they choose to use one of the SMA members partaking in the PLUS SEOUL Package. New forms of support will be offered for events that decide to be held in Seoul again in order to strengthen sustainable MICE support programs.


There are also customized forms of support that depend on the size and characteristics of the event. If a domestic association/academic society or institution either hosts or tries to bring in an international event with 50 or more foreign participants to Seoul, the event organizers can apply for funding for each stage of the event organization process, including bidding, promoting, and hosting of the event. The maximum amount of support for each stage is KRW 30 million, KRW 20 million, and KRW 100 million, respectively. In addition, in order to support efforts to bring international meetings to Seoul, a variety of services will be strategically provided. Such services include △helping with the composition of the bid proposal △an official bid support letter from the mayor of Seoul and the CEO of the Seoul Tourism Organization △establishing a strategy for the English presentation and a bidding clinic that offers presentation coaching △ site visit by a bidding team △ and engaging in joint bidding activities overseas.


For meetings being held in Seoul again this year, there is a new form of support that will fund the development of a MICE event app. A ‘Seoul MICE Card’ (1 card per foreign participant) that also acts as a transportation card will also be provided to events that open again in Seoul and have 500 or more participants and 250 or more foreign participants. In addition, for meetings held in Seoul with 500 or more participants and 250 or more foreign participants, partial financial support will be provided to be used toward the development of a Korean/English app (maximum of KRW 5,000, 50% of the development costs).



Corporate meetings and incentive tours can receive a maximum of KRW 100 million for the actual hosting of their respective events. In the instance that they utilize 3 or more SMA members – including one that is a paid service/company – they are eligible to receive the ‘Seoul MICE Card’ support and will also receive special funding to try out 2018’s special experiential courses such as △Seoullo 7017 △the Han River cycling tour △the trekking excursion at the Seoul City Wall △K-pop dance programs △and Hallyu makeup programs.


For MICE events being held in Seoul, depending on the itinerary of the participants, diverse services will be provided including △an airport greeting message (for Incheon International Airport) △Seoul welcome kits △and Seoul MICE Supporters. Applications for the PLUS Seoul Package and information regarding its benefits can be found on the website for the Seoul Convention Bureau ( Applications can be submitted through a one-stop support service found on the website. According to STO, “The simple application process kills two birds with one stone – it opens up opportunities for event organizers and SMA members to engage in business together, and it increases the level of satisfaction for organizers of events being held in Seoul and the participants of those events.”


SMG and STO are planning to offer diverse forms of administrative support in conjunction with preemptive and continuous marketing efforts. There are also plans to continue promoting SMA member logos and information on support programs to domestic and overseas MICE professionals by featuring the information on the website for the PLUS SEOUL Package and on promotional materials. Events that make use of the package’s support benefits are expected to be held at domestic and overseas briefing sessions and exhibitions. In addition, there are plans to actively engage in various types of online promotional marketing such as online banners and keyword advertisements.


In 2017, a total of 23 SMA members participated in the PLUS SEOUL Package. Joint marketing efforts were carried out by participating SMA members at more than 14 domestic and overseas exhibitions and briefing sessions, and advertisements that promoted the brand and participating members appeared in local daily newspapers and overseas MICE media outlets (Business Traveler USA, TTG MICE, CEI, etc.) more than 10 times.





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