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Seoul Support for WSBT 2015 Keeps Participants on the Move

Seoul Support for WSBT 2015 Keeps Participants on the Move

Seoul’s early autumn weather provided mild and comfortable temperatures for the 3rd World Assembly for Women with Disabilities (WSBT), which took place from September 3-6.  Held at the South Korean National Assembly Plaza in Yeouido, home to Seoul’s International Finance District, the event welcomed 2,000 participants from 70 countries.

Under the theme, “Towards Solidarity, Beyond Discrimination”, the assembly aimed to build upon the international network of women with disabilities that was created during the first two gatherings. Held every four years in Korea, the assemblies strive to raise awareness of issues and welfare relating to disabled women, as well as issues such as eliminating poverty, protecting disabled women’s rights, and acquiring mobility for those in need.

The event was hosted by the global NGO Women Striving for a Better Tomorrow (WSBT) and the Korean media organization Daehan News. It was organized by the Preparation Committee of the 3rd World Assembly for Women with Disabilities.

To help the assembly’s international participants discover the city and its local culture, Seoul provided ten city tour buses to the National Museum of Korea, five of which were fitted for wheelchair access. Seoul Tourism Organization staff were also on hand to work closely with the museum to ensure easy entrance and viewing for all participants.

Located in Seoul’s Ichon district, the National Museum is Korea’s largest historic repository. It features over 5,000 years of Korean artifacts, as well as a variety of traveling exhibitions. A member of the Seoul MICE Alliance, the facility is also a popular unique meeting venue that has occasionally hosted dining events for visiting heads of state.


To learn more about the services and support programs Seoul provides for international events hosted in the city, please visit the official Seoul Convention Bureau site at

Visit the official WSBT website here.


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