Seoul MICE Webzine | Seoul Unique Venues Photo Archive Opens to Public
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Seoul Unique Venues Photo Archive Opens to Public

Seoul Unique Venues Photo Archive Opens to Public

A series of brand-new photographs of Seoul’s top unique meeting venues has been made available to the general public via a specially-created website produced by the Seoul Convention Bureau (SCB). The images may be downloaded and used copyright-free for those with an interest in Seoul and seeking to promote the city as a tourism destination.

Database 01

The archive, located at, will be available until March 2016.

Popular images include the Floating Island Convention (FIC), an event space on the Hangang River; Yeong Bin Gwan, a hanok (traditional Korean housing)-style event venue within the grounds of the five-star Shilla Seoul Hotel; Seoul Museum, a multipurpose gallery/exhibition space; and Top Cloud, a restaurant with panoramic views of the city. More information about these and other event spaces featured in the archive is available via the SCB’s newly-updated Seoul Unique Venues guide.

Database 02

 Above: screenshot from the site, showing how to download and share the photos.

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