Seoul MICE Webzine | Seoul’s MICE Festival, ‘The Seoul MICE Week’ Wraps Up Successfully
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Seoul’s MICE Festival, ‘The Seoul MICE Week’ Wraps Up Successfully

Seoul’s MICE Festival, ‘The Seoul MICE Week’ Wraps Up Successfully

The 2016 Seoul MICE Week, designed to celebrate the MICE industry in Seoul, was successfully held from November 23 to 24 at the international conference hall of the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) building and Grand Ballroom of the Four Seasons Hotel Seoul. Under the theme of ‘The Future of the MICE Industry Coexisting with City,’ this event had participants from a variety of backgrounds, including relevant industries and experts to students and other every day citizens, to discuss the future strategy of the world’s 3rd largest MICE city while increasing local awareness of the MICE industry (see the past article).

On November 23, the opening day of the event, various events were held for students and job seekers, which included ‘Challenge! MICE Golden Bell’, ‘Real Time of Meeting MICE’, ‘MICE Jobcenter’, and ‘MICE Night of Students,’ at the international conference hall of the KCCI.


① ‘Challenge! MICE Golden Bell’ had participants from about 100 students from six MICE and tourism-related high schools, try and solve quiz questions on basic knowledge of the MICE industry and related current events (see the related article).

② ‘Real Time of Meeting MICE’ presented a talk show-like discussion geared for next generation MICE leaders by holding a candid talk with senior employees in the MICE industry. This talk show included short lectures from Exporum’s Chairman Hyun-dae Shin and SK planet’s Chief Manager Ji-ho Kim, and had a panel of individuals with one year, four years, and ten years experience in the MICE industry to share their insight and lively stories over their years of experience (see the related article).


During the ‘Challenge! MICE Golden Bell’ and ‘Real Time of Meeting MICE,’ ③ career counseling sessions under the MICE Jobcenter ‘MICE! Ask Anything’ were offered for students and job seekers who wanted to enter the workforce of the MICE sector (see the related article).


Meanwhile, after finishing the formal schedule of the opening day of the MICE Week, ④ ‘MICE Night of Students, MICE To Meet U’ was held for members of four MICE student organizations, including Seoul MICE Supporters, Kyung Hee University’s Convention Society S.O.M., and Kyonggi University’s Atlantis. This event provided an opportunity for students aspiring to enter the MICE industry workforce to network and discuss tips and advice (see the related article).


The closing day, November 24, was designed for individuals in MICE and related industries which kicked off with the ⑤ ‘the Seoul International MICE Forum’ held at Four Seasons Hotel Seoul. For the forum, leading MICE experts from around the world shared their insight into the global trends of the MICE industry while exploring the future strategy for the development of Seoul’s MICE industry. Particularly in this forum, there was a discussion on the direction and development of Seoul and the MICE industry under the theme of ‘Sustainability’ and ‘Coexistence’ (see the related article).


On the evening of the same day, ⑥ the Seoul MICE Alliance (SMA) Annual Meeting was held in conjunction with the Seoul MICE WEEK. The SMA has successfully established as a partnership between government agencies and private-sector organizations, from 47 member organizations in 2010 to 230 this year. The annual meeting provided opportunities for information exchange and networking between new & existing SMA member organizations and for sharing the 2016 activity report on Seoul MICE Alliance (see the related article).


Meanwhile, during the Seoul MICE Week, seven MICE journalists from abroad visited Seoul as part of ⑦ the 2nd MICE Media Tour of 2016. The group also attended the forum and covered the energetic atmosphere on the spot (see the related article). As part of the city’s online promotions, an online contest determining which activities visitors most wanted to do in Seoul was conducted via an ⑧ Online Event and to promote the city’s photo page ( for free high-resolution and copy-right images of Seoul(see the related article).

With the successful hosting of the Seoul MICE Week, one of the largest MICE events for the city, the Seoul Metropolitan Government will continue to support its many and diverse MICE events in 2017 while ensuring the city does so in a sustainable manner.

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