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Site Visits to Seoul Unique Venues Successfully Completed

Site Visits to Seoul Unique Venues Successfully Completed

Site Visits to Seoul Unique Venues Successfully Completed

Information About Seoul’s Unique Venues That is Suited to an Event’s Size

and Characteristics Were Provided


The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) and the Seoul Tourism Organization (STO) carried out a ”2018 Seoul Unique Venue Site Visit” program over two days (April 5 and 12) that was geared toward Seoul MICE Alliance (SMA) members.


Over the two-day site visit, ten locations for two courses were visited by a total of 110 participants. The participants consisted of staff members and decision makers for locations from 35 SMA member companies, who work on behalf of travel agencies, hotels, unique venues, PCOs. shopping/tourism services, entertainment services, transportation services, and MICE services.


The first site visit took the participants to Golden Seoul Hotel’s Golden View Sky Garden, Marine Island, Conrad Seoul’s VVertigo, Mapo Oil Depot, and Seoullo 7017. For the second site visit, the participants went to SMT SEOUL, SJ.Kunsthalle, Arumjigi, the Korean Stone Art Museum, and the Korea Furniture Museum (KOFUM). Those who took part in the site visits were guided around the facilities of the unique venues by venue representatives, and were able to resolve their curiosity through question and answer sessions.


This program was created to provide optimal information regarding unique venues that fit the size and characteristics of different events. Such information would be used by MICE affiliates when they bid for MICE events to come to Seoul. As it is difficult for those in charge of the bidding process to meticulously look around individual venues, this event provided a good opportunity to determine the strengths and differences of each unique venue. In addition, the participating SMA members were able to strengthen their networks and raise their awareness of one another.


The program was very well-received, as the locations that were chosen to be visited were selected based on survey results. A survey was conducted from March 9 to 16 asking SMA members to choose which unique venues they would want to visit among a list of 61 venues. As the courses for the site visits were organized based on the locations that drew the most interest, the ensuing site visits ended up being practical and useful.


More information about unique venues in Seoul can be found by clicking on the following link.

Click here to see Seoul’s unique venues

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