Seoul MICE Webzine | ‘SMTOWN MUSEUM’, Opening at SM Entertainment COEX ARTIUM.
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‘SMTOWN MUSEUM’, Opening at SM Entertainment COEX ARTIUM.


‘SMTOWN MUSEUM’, Opening at SM Entertainment COEX ARTIUM.

‘SMTOWN MUSEUM’, Opening at SM Entertainment COEX ARTIUM.

First K-Pop Space to Combine Entertainment + Exhibition + Technology + Experience!

Including All Brilliant Records of SM Artists! Presenting Experiential Programs using Augmented Reality and New Technology!

Expected to Become Typical Attraction for K-Pop Fans of the World!


‘SMTOWN MUSEUM’, a new exhibition/entertainment space launched by SM Entertainment (hereinafter, referred to as “SM”), will open at COEX ARTIUM and it is expected to become another major attraction for K-Pop fans of the world.


‘SMTOWN MUSEUM’ will be opening on 3F of SMTOWN COEX ARTIUM, the cultural complex of SM located in Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul and is raising expectations for it not only offers a whole variety of interesting attractions through the entire collection of SM’s archives from the stories of SM artists from their debuts to today to the exhibition of their albums, costumes worn during promotion, and props, but also presents a variety of contents to personally see, feel, and experience such as the visit to SM’s contents production process and the opportunity to meet SM artists virtually by using the latest technologies including AR (augmented reality).


Especially, ‘SMTOWN MUSEUM’ is the first of its kind in which a domestic entertainment company compiles the history of its own artists and launches a space to permanently exhibit and experience their history. The museum will present a whole new enjoyment to visitors and impress them phenomenally to establish itself as one of typical attractions for K-Pop fans around the world.


‘SMTOWN MUSEUM’ is composed of a variety of exhibition places filled with attractions such as the ‘SM ARCHIVE’ to appreciate the albums, pictorials, songs, and videos of SM artists, ‘SPECIAL EXHIBITION’ which captured the special moments of SM artists, ‘ARTIST GALLERY’ which exhibits the costumes and props of SM artists, ‘SMTOWN LIVE Beyond Story’ to enjoy the splendid performances from SM’s global concert brand, SMTOWN LIVE, and see the artists behind the stage, and ‘DREAMS COME TRUE with NCT’ which shows how albums are produced for SM artists such as NCT.


The museum also offers the chance to enjoy special experiences such as ‘AR PHOTO with ARTIST’ which is an augmented reality experience to take photos and videos with SM artists, ‘!t Live’ which is an MCN program featuring SM artists, ‘MCN STUDIO’ that visitors can also enjoy through ‘SMTOWN OUTER WALL MEDIA’ which is the largest ultra-definition electronic display board installed outside SMTOWN COEX ARTIUM, and ‘RECORDING STUDIO’ where visitors can enjoy ‘everysing’, the smart karaoke box application, in the studio where SM artists actually recorded their songs. Enormous participation by K-Pop fans is expected.

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