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The Painters: HERO, Record-making

The Painters: HERO, Record-making

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From May 24th, Magical Art Performance, ‘The Painters: HERO’ is visiting Qingdao and Wuhan. The Painters: HERO has been invited to the opening ceremony of Medical Tourism Seminar, hosted by Seoul Tourism Organization. Performance team is preparing specially customized performance, symbolizing Qingdao and Wuhan, for outbound travel agency, travel planners and medical tourism industry professionals.

Under the name of cultural exchange between countries, The Painters: HERO will have Singapore tour in June, the second tour since 2011. The tour will be held at Resorts World Theatre in Resorts World Sentosa, Singaore, expecting to meet 5,000 audience through 3 shows.

In spring, The Painters: HERO started their first 2016 tour in Tokyo, Japan. It’s been 3 years after the first tour in 2013. Fuji television hosted the tour and Kojima Haruna, the member of Japanese top idol group AKB48 was the special supporter. The tour lasted for 2 weeks with 16 shows at Blue Theater located in Robbonggi, presenting excitement and brand new experience to 10,000 Japanese audience.

Every year, Korea is promoting ‘Visit Korea Year’ and Chinese travellers are constantly increasing. Shopping has been main tour contents for the tourists, but performance industry is changing the trends in tourist market gradually. The Painters: HERO is approaching audience with brand new concept and brilliant idea, without focusing on traditionality of Korean performance. It has been praised as one of a kind performance by international audiences.

In April, The Painters: HERO tickets were all sold out by Chinese tourists, celebrating China’s labor day holiday. Recently Chinese corporation ‘Joy Main Group’ has visited Korea as incentive holiday for employees and all of 8,000 people enjoyed The Painters: HERO throughout 2 weeks. This was record-making number as a performance in Korea MICE history. The Painters: HERO’s two main theatres(out of three theatres in Seoul) were full with Joy Main employees, having exclusive 18 shows. It was great opportunity satisfying incentive group’s needs in cultural experience.

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